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Fish guide for Chinese Hillstream Loach, Beaufortia kweichowensis, Butterfly Loach Size of fish - inches: inches ( cm) - This fish may grow to be.

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Image of Beaufortia kweichowensis. Beaufortia kweichowensis common length : cm SL male/unsexed; (Ref. ) Mass conversion. Collaborators.

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Butterfly hillstream loach (Beaufortia kweichowensis) is a small and very Beaufortia max size may be up to 8 cm, although in tanks the fish is usually smaller.

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Beaufortia kweichowensis Its unique appearance, and small size is quickly increasing its popularity among fish keepers. Listed tank sizes are the minimum. Use them as guide to help better understand your fish, like us all individuals will.

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Hillstream Loach (Beaufortia kweichowensis) Tank Size Gastromyzon leveretti kweichowensis, Beaufortia kweichowensis kweichowensis.

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Chinese Hillstream Butterfly Loach (Beaufortia kweichowensis) Due to its small size and diet, the Chinese Hillstream Butterfly Loach can also be kept with.