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With practice, you may be able to race up and down the harp, popping out overblows and overdraws with ease and abandon. But your first overblow will take.

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Hello blues harmonica friends, today I try to give you some basic tips about playing overblows with your blues harp. First of all: why should we play overblows?.

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The word "overblow," in a blues harmonica context, is almost a fighting word. Some players love them; some hate them. (The players who hate overblows.

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overblows and overblow bends. 5 replies [Last post]. Tue, 04/26/ - M. Blues.'s picture. Offline. Level 5. Joined: 03/23/ Hi David.

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Oct 20, I know that Bb is the right key for all the overblow lessons offered here. But when setting up or purchasing a custom harp is there a preferred.

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Jun 22, Many people have Emailed me asking me how to overblow and . also gives a player more bends on the harp, more ways to be bluesy.

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For overblow gapping, remember that an overblow is a Reed first-position blues style before even attempting overblows.