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Traffic Violations Inquiry. Vehicle Number; ID Number; Company Please enter the verification code from the picture or audio. Captcha Image. Refresh captcha.

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As a driver in Qatar, it's important to keep informed about the traffic If you do not check regularly and you try to leave the country with a fine.

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It's Easy to know,if you have traffic violation or not. before he leaving the country or before next car registration due in order to pay up his fine.

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I heard from many that on an average Traffic violation fine is around . With no legitimate way to challenge the fines people HAVE to pay, unless you .. wife was cheating on him and he found that she is up to womens Wala,thats not the.

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If you are a Qatar expat with driving license in Doha or Working in Doha may have queries like traffic fines in Qatar, Qatar traffic violation fine amount, Traffic fine.

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Information about basic rules applicable to expats, womens rights, Islamic Law and alcohol consumption, non payment of bills, bounced cheques and traffic laws . that trafficking in illegal drugs can lead to mandatory death penalty in Qatar.

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Currently, the vast majority of traffic violations on Qatar's roads are recorded by to be favoring using technology to keep bad drivers in check.

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Traffic cameras at junctions across the country are now issuing tickets for more than just speeding and running red lights. According to the.

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It is a legal requirement to hold a valid licence to drive in Qatar. Visit the Traffic Department at Madinat Khalifa (see map below) to check the validity of of the Ministry of Interior handles all matters concerning licensing and traffic violations.

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Most traffic tickets are issued for minor offences - including tickets for speeding By Updated on 1 February , pm Qatar Guides Normally these can be settled by paying the fine amount at MOI or Traffic Department.