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Find out the about parts, use and care of theodolites. Digital theodolites consist of a telescope that is mounted on a base, as well as an electronic readout.

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A surveyor's theodolite is used to measure horizontal and vertical angles. These measurements are used to plot boundary lines, building foundations and utility.

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SURVEYING LAB THEODOLITE EXP. (7) Al-Mansur University Collage – Civil Engineering Department – 2nd Class Page 1 of

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Manual. Congratulations on your choice of this Electronic Digital Theodolite with laser. We suggest you read this instruction manual thoroughly before using the.

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A theodolite /θiːˈɒdəlaɪt/ is a precision optical instrument for measuring angles between designated visible points in the horizontal and vertical planes. The traditional use has been for land surveying, but they are also used place on the instrument for viewing. The modern digital theodolites have electronic displays.

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A theodolite is an instrument used commonly by builders and engineers to measure precise angles, which is necessary for large scale construction projects.

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Description: Digital theodolite is a modern engineering instrument for measuring both horizontal and vertical angles, It is a key tool in surveying and engineering.

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Digital Theodolite India, Electronic Digital Theodolite is a precision Bosch CST- berger DGT-2 Digital Theodolite The easy-to-use Leica Builder leads.

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Digital theodolite is convenient because the digital readouts take the place of Use the locking knobs on the side of the theodolite to keep it aimed on the point.