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The flag of the United States of America, often referred to as the American flag, is the national . The first official U.S. flag flown during battle was on August 3, , at Fort Schuyler (Fort Stanwix) While there are many examples of star arrangements, some of those flags included blue stripes as well as red and white.

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The question "Who made the first American flag? (or Grand Union Flag), but there is no evidence to prove she also made the Stars and Stripes. If true, there may not be one "first" flag, but many.

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May — Betsy Ross reports that she sewed the first American flag. 13_stars2 Flag with 15 stars and 15 stripes Vermont (March 4, ), Kentucky (June 1, ). . Freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much.

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The First Official United States Flag: This Star Flag became the Official United Much evidence exists pointing to Congressman Francis Hopkinson as the.

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of George Washington and sewed many American flags throughout her life, This official original American Flag had 13 stripes and 13 stars to represent the.

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50 stars (one for each current state), and 13 stripes (one for each of the 13 original colonies). The original idea was to add one star and one stripe for each new.

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The first documented U.S. flag was the staggered star pattern shown above. Many star flags sold on e-bay were produced for the nation's and a large wall map of the United States, the first produced in America after the.

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This is a drawing of what the original Star Spangled Banner looked like. You should note that, like the 13 star flag, this flag existed in many different variations. Anyway 13th, , during a war between the U.S.A. and Britain. More info at.