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How To Make Brussels Sprouts Taste Way Better. Please To ensure that Brussels sprouts are tasty, you want to get them nice and browned.

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Think of a Brussles sprout as a teeny, tiny, cabbage. They are delicious if roasted, perhaps with a bit of balsamic—amped up with a bit of bacon.

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DH (dear husband) grew up HATING brussels sprouts, I have never had them but I'm thinking they would be similar to cabbage/broc and.

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Hands up if your parents completely ruined brussels sprouts for you. Yes, those soggy, claggy, bitter, over-boiled grey-green morsels of "food".

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I'm thinking about giving brussels sprouts a try, I've seen tons of recipe ideas on MFP, but can some describe what they actually taste like?.

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To you haters out there, we swear Brussels sprouts don't taste like dirty Oh, and it takes about 35 minutes to make, so that sits well with us.

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Dear Dr. Universe, Will I ever like Brussel sprouts? “Supertasters actually have more taste buds,” says Ross, a chemist and food scientist known to be toxic, and some animals take bitterness as a sign: DO NOT EAT THIS.