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What Your Check Engine Light Means and What To Do About It Diagnostic Scan Tool Car Code Reader for Turning Off Check Engine Light.

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We are driving down the road and all of a sudden the check engine light goes on. On Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. When your check engine light, called a Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL), goes.

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The Check Engine Light turning on is usually a topic car owners try to avoid talking too much about. It can be quite intimidating to see that little.

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You can pay a mechanic a bunch of money to read your car's error codes when your check engine light comes on, or you can grab a paper clip and read the.

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Photo: This is how to check the engine code and model year in a vehicle identification number (VIN). Auto parts stores.

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Nothing can knock your day off track faster than a “Check Engine” light popping up on your dash. You wonder if you should pull over and shut off your vehicle or.

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In the two links you provided in comments, it states to plug in your code reader, turn the ignition on, but don't start the engine, then read the.