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One way to do this is to check the connection objects "Data Source Name" and " DBMS" property. Example 'lets say you have a connection.

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Return the Database name if the input connection string points to a SQL Server database, find the index of the "initial ' catalog" or "database".

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How can I get a list of all the databases on a SQL Server computer? . OK, well, in that case, the script starts out by assigning the name of the.

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Clear(); foreach (Database db in gardencitysanjose.comses) {; } } catch (Exception Ex) {; }.

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As part of a printout I'd like to use in Access VBA to display the Current Database name. Pls could anyone help. Thanks, Phil (New.

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Creating Database using ADO Control in Visual Basic. components dialog box and select Microsoft ActiveX Data Control 6. Secondly, insert the ADO data control and name it as adoBooks and change its caption to book.

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To create this application, select the data control on the toolbox(as data control to this database, double-click the DatabaseName property in.

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The trick to obtaining the list of database names from SQL Server is to know the To make this code more generalized, you could pass in the.

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I have one application create tables in database dynamically during run. Another application need to find all these tables' name in the.

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Add a button to the application's main form and name it btnLoad. the connection is closed (if you get an error message, make sure that your database is in the.