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If you're having trouble giving treatments, this article is for you! Sometimes babies and little kids have trouble getting asthma treatments with a nebulizer.

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Because inhalers cannot be used by infants and are difficult for small children to use, nebulizers make treatment for asthma or other respiratory conditions easier .

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infant or child is inhaling as much medicine as possible. Before you follow the tips for giving breathing treatments, make sure you have your child sit up.

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You may give your child asthma medications using a home nebulizer, also known as a breathing machine. A nebulizer delivers asthma drugs.

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Compressor nebulizers are the most popular type of breathing treatment for children because they provide a source of compressed air for.

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In general, a dose of albuterol (either 2 puffs from an inhaler or one breathing treatment) may be given every four to six hours as needed. Give it.