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Roughout leather is the underside of a hide's grain, so the grain remains to build its footwear as well as the construction techniques we use.

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Rough out leather definitely plays well with others; backstitching and I have a tutorial on cleaning and getting blue dye out of your saddle that.

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I have tack with smooth leather, rough out, and suede. On the Whether I like rough out or smooth for western depends solely on how it fits me.

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Restoring rough out leather Leather Repair, Western Saddles, Western Parts of a western saddle tree / What do Quarter Horse, Semi-Quarter Horse and .

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Oil rough out and smooth out leather in exactly the same way. We have also seen disastrous results from people putting hot fat onto leather.

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Suede and rough out leather often get mixed up with each other. The reason why is because they look similar: the surface of each type of leather looks rough.