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It's more than fear that keeps kids from reporting bullying. Here are some of the beliefs and psychological processes that can lead kid to stay silent about cruelty.

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Bullying is ever-present in our society & we need to start working together to help one another speak out & stand up against it. Together, we can end bullying.

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Our anti-bullying experts share the top 10 golden rules on how to speak to and confident will never go out of their way to bully somebody.

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Bullying Awareness, Prevention, Cyber Bullying, Social Media, Resources, School Assemblies Parent meetings, Educator training.

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What is Bullying? The Dallas County R-1 School District is cracking down on bullying. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children .

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Bullying is an issue that cuts across all lines in society - race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender and even age. That being said, perhaps.

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Since I started working with CEP over a year ago, I have found myself looking at virtually everything I do—see, hear, read about, etc.—through.

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The Speak UP! app allows students to anonymously report incidents of bullying or harassment, whether they occur on campus or online, to the appropriate.