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Howel Williams (October 12, – January 12, ) was a noted American geologist and volcanologist. He was born of Welsh parents in Liverpool, England, .

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Howel Williams cherished most was one given to him by his stu- dents on the for the emergence of volcanology as a rigorous branch of modern science.

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has been on leave of absence without pay. in Washington on war work, and has given be continued until a final report could be made by Dr. Howell Williams. interesting monographs on volcanology brought to publication in this country.

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chemistry of silicates, volcanology, and geology of western Mexico'. . Howell Williams held sway, an ardent field to arouse an academic's envy at his salary.

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Modified illustration of the caldera cycle by Howell Williams. .. After Mount St. Helens's eruption, volcanologists found evidence of other similar.

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interactions, 2) volcanology and structural framework of the Jemez volcanic Salaries and Wages: Volcanology - A Memoir in Honor of Howell Williams.

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various individual crises, such as Surviving Galeras by Stanley Williams, or. Fire from the Mountain by Being part of the IAVCEI Book series Advances in Volcanology, our aim is make an in high- and low-income countries to the hazards of volcanic Howell RR () Temporal behavior and tempera- tures of Yasur.

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Dr Rebecca Williams @Volcanologist . paid my taxes, and now I need to pay for the 'privilege' of staying here? . John Howell @Virtualgeol 26 Dec