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IT DEPENDS: WHY DID YOU QUIT MED SCHOOL? One doesn't just accidentally find oneself in med school you gotta work for it, plan it and act on it.

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One of the downsides of quitting is that he now seems to feel like he's My wife is in med school (also came out of public health), and now that.

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Should I quit medical school or not?I have struggled . I have now gotta ace the final few years and sod the mark I got in , that's history now," if you used to.

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By the time I realised that I must quit medical school, I was already in my fourth year, and as expected, faced tremendous resistance from my.

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So my partner's in her first year of medical school and I'm in a PhD program. Long distance She can leave now without a huge burden. In

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SupportWant to quit Med school, please pray that I make the right choice I'm feeling really desperate and at a low point right now, so I would.

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I left medical school in on a personal leave of absence. I am happy most days now, and I enjoy my career. I left medicine after 17 years.

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If you're unhappy at medical school, you face a a bit of a dilemma: should you stay and slog it out, or cut your losses and quit? I also met my now husband in the latter part of that year, and he did a lot to help stabilise my.

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So finally I've amitted to myself that I want to quit med school. But my main problem is what do I do now (and I do like to point out that I live.

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If you are considering quitting medicine, here are three factors you should consider. Most medical students and residents will continue on with specialty Another former classmate (now a PGY2 in Pathology), taught himself.