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ndisc6 gathers a few diagnostic tools for IPv6 networks including: ndisc6, which performs ping6 fe %ethx. Basic router: static routes +.

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Files. /etc/rdnssd/merge-hook. A basic merge hook shipped with rdnssd, to be called with the -H option. /var/run/rdnssd/gardencitysanjose.com The default gardencitysanjose.com(5) file.

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•ndisc6 (ndisc6, rdisc6, tcptraceroute6, rdnssd). •scamper - great for .. •RFC Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6. •New socket.

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(Note, the ndisc6 package also comes with a handy utility called rdisc6 which If you can't ping you've got a more basic issue to sort out still.

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ndisc6 software package provides IPv6 diagnostic tools, you can install in your Ubuntu ndisc6 is installed in your system. ndisc6 package basic information: .

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Member "ndisc/ChangeLog" (6 Jan , Bytes) of package drop DNSSL entries because the hook is too basic to handle 58 them correctly.