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I'm using NullDC V as my CPU doesn't support SSE2. Shenmue should save just fine, I played through both the games on

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For nullDC, can I manage/delete/copy game save in memory card? Also, it seems that only controller 1's save works,other controller's save.

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im new to nulldc emulator, only ever used mame. The game automaticly saves your progres(so you cant save/load state like in MAME),and.

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Scenario - You're booting Dreamcast games from GameEx via NullDC. However, you have to set up the game settings each time. Some games.

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Have you ever thought about continuing to play your favorite game while teach you how to transfer your Dreamcast saves to the NullDC emulator. Open the;; Click on Import save;; Import all the game files.

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Free Dreamcast games & tools, #1 VMU files archive (saves, games, add-on, icons, anims), SAVE THE VMI FILE AND THE VMS FILE TO THE SAME DIRECTORY download VMU Explorer; download the batch file for Chankast or NullDC.

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I've been playing shenmue 1 and loaded my first save fine, I made some to use an emulator, use one that can actually play a game correctly.

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1: Start a new game, watch the intro 2: Choose the quick-save option (on Y button -code-attachments/nulldc/issue/comment-2/Shenmue PAL save

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Allright as this was discussed in other topics before here is a handy little solution i found to enable editing Shenmue save games and fix the.

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Dreamcast Savegames/Game Saves for all Capcom games on the Sega Dreamcast for your VMU.