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an apprehending device used to "lock up that nasty fat wet noodle boy" and is most likely accompanied by a whip to "whip da fuck outa any.

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(n) an apparatus used for more risque sexual endeavors. Also, an Hey, I borrowed these fuzzy handcuffs, so I can do some kinky laundry this.

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Fuzzy handcuffs are of course a bondage toy and may be used as creatively as one likes. However, a couple of caveats. First, make sure they.

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Handcuff your wrists together in front of you, so you can still reach down and play with your clit as your partner thrusts into you. 2. Handcuff your.

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Want to use sex handcuffs? Here's how to use handcuffs in the best (and safest) possible way.

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Handcuffs are familiar enough for the word to be used in Golden handcuffs – an incentive given to an employee by a firm.