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Many people with mid-stage to advanced PD experience “freezing.” Freezing is the the person to move may cause the person with Parkinson's disease to lose.

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Terry Ellis, PhD, PT, NCS, Director Tami DeAngelis, PT, GCS, Coordinator About one third of people with Parkinson's disease experience freezing episodes.

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Freezing can be a common symptom of Parkinson's. People describe it as feeling like their feet are 'glued' to the ground. If you experience freezing you may.

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Whatever the cause, not everyone with Parkinson's will experience freezing and it is impossible to accurately predict those who will. Freezing seems to be more.

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In Parkinson's, there are reduced levels of dopamine. For this reason While the cause of freezing is unknown, it can be linked to the medication cycle. It occurs.

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A common symptom experienced by people with Parkinson's disease (PD) is “ freezing”: a sudden, but temporary, inability to move. It can happen at any time.