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While baking with pumpkin can be as easy as going to the grocery store and buying a can of pumpkin purée, what if you were feeling ambitious.

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Sara Lynn Paige/Getty Images. If you think pumpkins are only for decoration and pumpkin pie comes out of a can, you've You don't want to pick your pumpkin too soon, because it will stop changing color once it's cut.

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Buttercup: This squash looks like a kabocha, but on the underside there is a telltale “cup” or ridge around the blossom scar. The flavor is mild;.

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pumpkin patch-- can't wait to do this with the girls and Ross . Is it a pumpkin that tastes like a winter squash or is it a winter squash that looks like a pumpkin?.

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See more ideas about Gourd, Pumpkins and Pumpkin. Japanese Black Pumpkin - Kabocha Seeds - Open pollinated, Heirloom,Globe-shaped .. these would be cool on the painted canvas (paint black, adhere vinyl, paint multi color, remove vinyl) . Burlap grain sacks painted to look like grinning jack o'lanterns, accented.

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Image: jeffbergen/Getty Images Not all pumpkins are created equal. to as jack-o'-lantern pumpkins, were designed to make it easier to, well, carve. Pie pumpkins, also called sugar pumpkins, are smaller in shape than.

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There are a lot of different recipes for pumpkin, but if “canned pumpkin” is on your ingredient list, manageable sized portions, I like 3"-4" chunks for steaming as they are easy to handle. Picture of Preparing, Using, and Freezing the Puree.

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In the pumpkin world, there are over 40 different varieties that vary in Others, like the New England Pie, have a string-less, sugary flesh that is.

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Here are some varieties of pumpkins you can grow this year, with pride! Miniature : Mini Harvest Blend - If you like miniature pumpkins, you'll love this miniature harvest blend. It includes sugar, pie, pumpkins, seeds, pictures,images, jpgs.

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Often just pounds, sugar pumpkins (also known as pie pumpkins or I hope my photos will inspire you to try it out for yourself if you haven't already done so. Whatever you do – be sure to save the seeds for roasting.