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But there shouldn´t follow any other words, otherwise, the meaning will change: Je t´aime bien, means I like you. Why is ‘I love you' in French 'je t'aime'? In standard French "I love you" is ALWAYS "je t'aime" or "je vous aime".

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The difference between the personal pronouns te/t' and toi is not that one is reflexive and one isn't. They're chosen based on grammatical rules.

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Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over other languages.

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A "French"/"bilingual" canadian hast just said this to me: "oui, j'aime toi" Is it that he or she doesn't really speak any French and found those.

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J'adore is literally translated as "I adore". J'aime is "I love". In order to say "I adore you", one would say "Je t'adore", which is meaning "I"; meaning "you"; and.

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Je t'aime ShaineaLynneFisher forever and always because she is amazing and rad: Definition of a french love, only french can say that correctly, keep away!.

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Vn.— THE TRANSLATION OF ALL WORDS AND PHRASES GIVEN IN THE the pronouns which serve as its complement are — moi, me: toi, thee: lui, him [or J'aime mieux parler qu'ecrire, I like speaking better than writing [ou, I would.