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There is no formal medical definition for lupus remission. Some doctors might feel that the person did not truly have lupus, but probably had something else.

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The lifespan of lupus will be different for each affected individual, but everyone can take a proactive approach to their health. Learn more.

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Positive test results mean that slowly, but surely, we're quelling my lupus into remission. Remission is the ultimate and only goal I can hope for.

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Lupus remission is the term used when the disease is inactive and under control. There's no cure for lupus but patients will find that the.

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What It Means When Lupus Is in Remission. June 7, It does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This content is not.

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The mean duration of first remission was years (range, yr), and 81 patients were Twenty-six of the 38 patients who did remained in remission, and the.

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Conclusion: Even a partial remission in lupus nephritis is associated with a . Results are reported as mean ± SD, and P lupus nephritis is the attainment of a response or remission in.