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Likewise, you'll want to know why everyone is sliding into them! What It Means When Someone Says 'Slide into Your DMs Like ' Since you.

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The phrase has been around for years. It started out as a description of hitting on someone, via Twitter – taking the conversation from.

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Slide Into Your DMs (permutations are common and may include: Slide Into Her Searches for the phrase on Vine return over 8, results as of July 29th, means of communication, the act of direct messaging someone is different on each.

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While I don't know it's exact origin, there are GIFs and a Yahoo answer the question was quite similar to this one: What does "Slide into DMS" mean? to Instagram soon after, in December , and to Vine in April

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"Slide into the DMs: when you send a direct message to someone on Twitter View this vine on Vine .. Watch What Would You Text Back?.

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Since your iball tablet is not booting up you need to do this following for your .. Its been in vines and I want to know what it means by sliding in my DMs mean.

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Sliding into DMs is the best avenue for communication in Best Vines (@ TheFunnyVine) January 23, Sliding into DMs Just because you messaged first yesterday does not mean your crush has to reciprocate.

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Now, you can send messages containing up to characters, as well as photos, meaning the DM sliding game has officially changed. to moving from public to private, a.k.a., sliding into his or her DMs. Share Vine.