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Cooked this way, the grains don't go mushy (as they will if just boiled in water; Soak g white sticky rice for 1 hour, then rinse well.

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The Best Sticky Rice With Meat Recipes on Yummly | Asian Style Glazed Meatballs With Sticky Rice, Sticky Rice, Sticky Rice With Chinese.

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Throughout China and Asia, sticky rice (glutinous rice) is used in The recipe uses anko, which is sweet azuki bean paste, as well as walnuts.

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A meal unto itself, this Thai Sticky Rice with Pork & Mushrooms is a . This coconut rice recipe also pairs beautifully with Indian food dishes.

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I cooked sticky rice with a regular rice cooker. But when the time is up, the rice was still half raw. So I steamed the Is it good to eat raw rice?.

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I need some more ideas of what to eat with sticky rice. We have a couple of go to Thai dishes but I want something else. We like medium spicy and @MungBean : oooh the soy sauce chicken sounds good! Is it sour? I need to.

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Discover Thai Sticky Rice, Food That Goes With It And Sticky Rice Desserts. In this post we will explore plain steamed sticky rice, as well as sticky rice dessert.

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And there's a good reason for that, sticky rice is one of the major staples of Thai cuisine that is, in certain regions of Thailand (we'll go over.

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While the stovetop works great for sticky rice, using a rice cooker is an even easier If your rice cooker has an automatic timer, let it go until it shuts off.

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To end a meal, the last bit of sticky rice is rolled in the hands and used to soak up the remaining sauce. Practically any main dish goes well with sticky rice as an.