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Why Weed Is Different Colors Cannabis comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors, strains, But what makes Purple Kush, purple?.

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This is because the very thing that makes blueberries “blue” is the Purple cannabis can come in many different hues and colors, just like the.

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The colors carried by the marijuana plant can produce truly beautiful results. Even though they may make plants look delicious, they actually.

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Does that make it more potent? Much like autumn leaves, cannabis will express different colours when exposed to shorter light and.

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Marijuana Mood Ring: What do Cannabis Colors Mean? many reasonable assumptions to be drawn from all of Charles's different shades.

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There are several different types of marijuana and they are called by many black, through various shades of brown, to a dirty yellowish color.

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Why Does Weed Change Colors? Published on September 12, , By Michael Cheng. Marijuana News. (Source). The greenest plant in the world is not.

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What does the color of your weed mean? Different molecules absorb certain colors and reflect others. of proteins and enzymes that instruct the plant to make various portions of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc.

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It's not just that pungent skunky smell, nor the floating way it makes you feel, but the amazing and potent colors that protrude off of bud seem to.

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Weed. |. by Madison Margolin. |. Aug 30 , am In fact, a whopping 93 percent of buyers make a purchasing choice contingent on the Altering these various levels can bring out different colors and qualities, while inhibiting others.