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This is the study of an anonymous ancient work, usually called Joseph and Aseneth, which narrates the transformation of the daughter of an Egyptian priest into.

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Joseph and Aseneth is a narrative that dates from before the 6th century CE. It seems to relate . These include Ross Shepard Kraemer, When Aseneth Met Joseph; Rivka Nir, Joseph and Aseneth: A Christian Book. One British scholar who.

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And he said to him, "Give me Aseneth the daughter of Pentephres the priest [11] of . And Pentephres and his wife and all his relations went out to meet Joseph.

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Joseph & Aseneth is the story of the conversion of Aseneth, the daughter Recently, Ross Kraemer (When Aseneth Met Joseph) has followed.

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When Aseneth Met Joseph demonstrates the centrality of ideas about gender in the representation of Aseneth and, by extension, offers.

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Ross Shepard Kraemer, When Aseneth Met Joseph. A late Antique Tale of the Biblical Patriarch and his Egyptian Wife Reconsidered. Oxford.