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The memorial commemorates the completion of the Aswan High Dam. The coat of arms of the Soviet Union.

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After 11 years of construction, the Aswan High Dam across the Nile River in Egypt is completed on July 21, More than two miles long at.

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The Aswan High Dam was created in the 's to provide electricity in Egypt. The awe-inspiring Hoover Dam was built in the s from enough concrete to.

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Aswan High Dam, Arabic Al-Sadd al-ʿĀlī, rockfill dam across the Nile River, at Aswān, Egypt, completed in (and formally inaugurated in January ) at a.

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The reservoir created by the Aswan High Dam forms Lake Nasser. Image courtesy of Olaf funds in Construction of Aswan High Dam began in

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Construction on the second dam began after the Egyptian Revolution of , A wall commemorating the completion of Aswan High Dam.

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Just north of the border between Egypt and Sudan lies the Aswan High Dam, . it bears a certain resemblance to the Aswan High Dam built more than 4,

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Aswan High Dam A heroic symbol and an environmental liability, this dam on the Nile River was built as a central part of modern Egypt's nationalist efforts.