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Place two fingers on the brachial artery applying slight pressure for 3 to 5 seconds. If you do not feel a pulse within that time, then the infant's heart is not beating.

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To find the brachial pulse, use one or two fingers on the inner part of the infant's upper arm. Locate the slight gap between muscles and palpate gently- applying.

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The accepted standard for determining cardiac arrest in infants is the use of palpation of the brachial pulse to detect pulselessness. The investigators have.

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Show the student exactly where to press to palpate the brachial artery. Take the baby's thumb and put it next to it's ear. This action opens up the area on the.

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gardencitysanjose.com If a baby does not respond and is not breathing, attempt two breaths. Check for a brachial pulse. If there is no pulse, begin CPR.

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To locate the brachial artery, place 2 or 3 fingers on the inside of the upper arm . If you are not sure you can feel the pulse, the pulse is absent or the infant's.

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Brachial Pulse. Brachial pulse rate is indicated during some assessments, such as with children, in whom it can be difficult to feel the radial pulse. A Doppler can .